Life is about discovery

There are actually two ways to live — immersed in everyday activities, and a more reflective way of living, which balances everyday activities with future oriented, purpose-driven activites.

Immersion in everyday can involve discovery. You want to learn how to succeed for example. The reflective way of living includes such learning but also includes a different kind of discovery. You learn over a lifetime who you are and what your purpose is.

So what is different about practicing reflective living on a daily basis? Basically, you manage your time differently. You consciously allocate time each day for reflective activities, such as meditation or prayer.

So the question is, what is a good reason for investing some of your time in reflective living? It involves a promise that in the long term (even including eternity) living according to your larger purpose has an enormous ROI (return on investment).

Your mindset about the reality of that promise is what determines your willingness to discover your ultimate purpose.