Welcome to your Spirituality Survey

1. I feel peace deep inside me
2. My life is peace and joy
3. I feel one with the world
4. I see a friendly world around me
5. I find there is a lot of love in the world
6. I try to deal consciously with others
7. I deal consciously with the environment
8. I try to help others
9. I try to be patient and tolerant
10. I try to be empathetic with others
11. My life means searching and asking
12. I look for insight and coherence
13. I try to open my mind
14. I try to expand my soul
15. I search for the spirit
16. I trust in God
17. My faith helps me to cope with problems
18. I trust in my faith for making decisions
19. I feel the love of God
20. I feel that God is my friend
21. What is your age?
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