Soulful Architecture

Is there soulful and soulless architecture? What characterises soulfulness in the built environment? This Conversation event will look at the question through a mix of commissioned short documentary films, panel discussion, readings and audience question time. The focus will be on what makes a soulful built environment and what impact building with soul can have on the daily lives of ordinary Londoners. There will then be an opportunity to continue the conversation over refreshments. The short documentary films will include vox pop soundbites and interviews with architects Veronica Cassin (Harper Downie) and Brigitte Rothfuss (Terry Farrell) and other opinion formers in the capital. The panel will include Clerkenwell architects, academics and other commentators. Andrew Baughen, The Vicar of Clerkenwell, will present new research on the measurement of soulfulness and how it can be developed within organisations.

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