An astounding perspective

In the last 100 years we have learned how immense the cosmos is. We can now see into the distant past back to the beginning of time and space — 14 Billion years ago. The earth itself is only 4 Billion years old, and human beings have only walked the earth for about 150,000 years. But what of the spiritual beginning, the spiritual “big bang”?

Complex human ideas about the spiritual dimension began to take shape in an era called The Axial Age (800BC through 300BC). There was a worldwide awakening of spiritual interest, with figures such as Confucius, The Buddha, Zoroaster, Plato and others exploring the spiritual dimension. In the 1000 years after that Jesus and Mohammed also focussed on the spiritual dimension.

Christians believe that Jesus not only thought and taught about the spiritual dimension. He was God, and created all dimensions including the cosmos and heaven. His followers listened to him and created a story of reality as emerging from and returning to God.

Today, with our scientific knowledge of the immensity of the cosmos, some Christian thinkers have begun to tell the story of creation and the purpose of the cosmos in a new way, combining science and the truths in the Bible into an astounding perspective of what God is up to.