The Heart of Christian Spirituality is Easter

“Only if we understand Christ’s Resurrection as a universal event, as the opening up of a new dimension of human existence, are we on the way toward any correct understanding of the New Testament Resurrection testimony.” Pope Benedict XVI in Jesus of Nazareth, Part Two, Holy Week from the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection.

This website, Taste and See, is meant to awaken your interest in going beyond everyday knowing, scientific knowing and artistic knowing, into a spiritual way of knowing.  Seeing things with spiritually awakened eyes opens up new vistas and new hopes.

The spiritual reality we are seeking can be reached, partially, by exploring our intuitions about the depths of human consciousness and the mystery of the cosmos. But the ultimate depths reside in God, who by definition is unknowable — unless God reveals the divine reality to us.

That is precisely what Christians believe — that God revealed himself by entering our cosmos as Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus asks a key question about himself –“Who do you say that I am?” That question was put to his followers 2000 years ago, and is put to each of us today.

Easter is the reason God became man in Jesus — to rescue and heal mankind from the evil and messes we have made on our planet, and to change humankind into a new creation: resurrected beings living in Christ, created to inhabit, work in and enjoy a newly transformed cosmos.

But why believe this, and live according to this vision? You hear a lot today about living a “purpose-driven life.” Unless we discover our purpose in life we won’t use our talents and experience fully, and we won’t be happy.

Rather than us discovering and making up our own purpose, what Easter says is God has a great purpose for us — our own resurrection and the transfomation of the cosmos — and invites us to open ourselves to this possibility.

Awakening your sense of the reality of spirituality, and opening yourself to the possibility of Christ’s promise is the one thing necessary to take a step on this Christian spiritual journey.