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This portal is developed by parents for parents. It provides you with ideas and materials and a supportive community to help you fulfil a very important responsibility — develop your child’s relationship with God. Only parents of school children or of recent graduates can register and access this portal.

First, you need to register to access the portal. After your registration has been approved, you can login and begin to use the valuable materials in the Parents Portal.

Valuable content

We have developed many ways for you to participate

This portal helps you access valuable materials and ideas for supporting your child’s  as thery develop their spirituality. You can also contribute materials and interact with other parents.


These materials can be downloaded to your home computer and printed out.

Discussion forum

Here you can post issuers or questions that you’d like to discuss with other parents.

Your own blog

You can post ideas that you have and have other parents read and comment on them. You can also comment on other parents ideas. This blog is moderasted by the Adminstrator to keep offensive materials off the portal.


Occasionally we will take surveys about the opinons of school parents about issues concerning the spiritual growth of their children, and share the results with all parents.

Useful links

These are links to websites which contain ways to understand your child’s needs and help them grow in the Catholic faith.


This is a place where you can find events of interest to school parents.


Here you can view Youtube videos of interest to school parents.

Other content

Here we will put other miscellaneous materials that don’t fit within the other areas of the portal.

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