A quantum physicist would easily recognise this as Schrodinger’s Wave Equation, and would understand its application in describing the cosmos. Thus we have  to be trained to see in the scientific way.

Science is a human process of describing the cosmos and how things work and came to be. To be true science, the results of scientific experiments must match the data gathered about reality, and the experiments must be repeatable by other scientists.

The way of science continually changes as humans learn more and more about physical reality. The picture attached to this page is a Nebula called the Veiled Lady. It was first discovered in 1784 by astronomers using telescopes.  Very recently, using the Hubble Space Telescope scientists learned that it is the remnants of a supernova that exploded 6000+ years ago. Even so, the Veiled Lady has a beauty that the mind perceives, which is beyond scientific explanations.