Why do we baptise babies?


Depending on your background, you probably have answers like these —

  • It’s a tradition in my family
  • Babies have original sin and, if they die and aren’t baptised, they go to Limbo, not heaven. (this answer just doesn’t seem right)
  • I was baptised in the church and I want my children to be baptised
  • I don’t really know


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What does spiritual birth mean?

We know that physical birth means to be nurtured for nine months in our mother’s body and then come into the world through the birth process. Baptism is God’s process of spiritual birth, for bringing the child’s soul into his presence in a special way.

What is the parent’s role in baptism?

In adult baptism, the person is fully aware of the meaning of this process. In child baptism the parents and Godparents solemnly promise to help the child grow spiritually and learn to fulfill the promises that are made for her or him.