A recently discovered Quasar Tsunami. Using the unique capabilities of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, a team of astronomers has discovered the most energetic outflows ever witnessed in the universe. They emanate from quasars and tear across interstellar space like tsunamis, wreaking havoc on the galaxies in which the quasars live.

People tend to understand what they see and experience. Thus, there is a double difficulty with “quantum” and “spirituality” as the name of our website. Neither quantum or spirituality can be seen, and only spirituality may be experienced. So why did we use this name for our website? To make you think about things in a new way.

The 21st century is a time of information and sensory overload. Just one example suffices. Many people network constantly  throughout the day on the Internet. They see and experience many different people and events from around the world, with little time to reflect about what all these diverse encounters mean. But all this shares somethung in common, if you think about it. Deep down, everything in the universe rests on invisible quantum energy. And even deeper down all this energy has a spiritual dimension. So we are all experiencing unity in tremendous diversity deep down, when we think about it.